ELISpoon enables independent eating for people with limited hand and arm mobility such as Cerebral Palsy (CP), Spinal Cord Injury, Post-stroke deficits, or Huntington's disease (HD).

The ELISpoon is available in 2 different sizes, the Soup spoon & the Teaspoon suitable for both children and adults


Counter weights and rotation axes keep the spoon bowl level regardless of how your hand or arm twists, bends, or moves, preventing food spillage.


No age limit.

Suitable for right/left-handed.

Easy to use

Dishwasher safe.

FDA materials.

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The goal of the products designed by ELI Innovation is to provide more autonomy, comfort and safety in the various activities that punctuate everyday life.
We are a team of engineers and designers engaged in research and development of products that meet real needs. We believe that increasing autonomy is the key to integrate special needs people in the community. For this, we work with end users, caregivers and professionals to define the need, find a solution and test it in real life situations.


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